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Results from 11,000 business leaders in 6 multinational companies on 4 continents. "Leadership is a Contact Sport" Strategy + Business by Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan,

% Leaders Results

How it Works

  • Leader chooses a development goal from 360 assessment or behavioral interviews to improve his/her effectiveness in delivering the organization’s key strategic priorities for his/her role.

  • Leader involves a small group of stakeholders by sharing the development goal and asking for ongoing feedback and “feedforward” (suggestions).

  • Leader’s improvement is measured by periodic mini-surveys of stakeholder observations.

  • Coach provides ongoing support and suggestions, ensuring that leader follows up with stakeholders.

How it Works

Why it Works

  • “Going public” with a goal increases the leader’s accountability to achieve it.

  • Changing behavior and perception in tandem ensures that a leader’s efforts to improve are visible to stakeholders and to the organization.

  • Disciplined and time efficient process emphasizes stepwise change over time to achieve the development goal.

  • Stakeholder mini-surveys measure improvement, something that is almost never even attempted in coaching or leadership development.

  • Substantial research on the methodology shows that leaders who consistently involve stakeholders in their performance improvement efforts achieve results far superior to those who don’t.

Organizations That Use Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching for Guaranteed and Measurable Leadership Growth 

More than 150 of the Fortune 500 companies and other notable organizations have been using Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching to measurably grow the leadership effectiveness of their executives and their teams. Hereunder is a sample of some of their recent clients.

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Our unique value proposition - guaranteed results!

Stakeholder Centered Coaching differs from other more traditional coaching by bringing in the people who are affected by a Leaders behavior (Stakeholders) and its pioneering use of measurement at the end of the coaching assignment.

Why involve Stakeholders?


Systematic involvement of Stakeholders is the key to the process, essential for highly effective coaching and has a number of positively reinforcing factors:

  • Enables quick identification of specific leadership behaviors that are most impactful for the leader to work on improving. 

  • Leverages those who work with the leader (Stakeholders) as the "experts" to drive change through daily execution on the job.

  • In addition to the leader improving, co-workers perceive the progress, thus building the leader's status and bench strength in the organization.

  • The Leader's Manager, Peers & Direct Reports (along with the coach) participate and support the Leader's change process resulting in an environment more conducive to change.

  • Allows us to measure results. Stakeholders determine the degree of improvement, not the person being coached or the coach, through the periodic mini-survey process. Something rarely done in coaching.  


This process is so effective we guarantee results and only get paid in full when positive, measurable change in leadership behavior occurs. 

Why it Works
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Unique Value
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