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Team Coaching - How it Works

Our team coaching process is guided by the three fundamental principles of Stakeholder Centered Coaching:

  • Places the attention and focus on the Stakeholders as the "experts" to drive change through daily execution on the job. 

  • Emphasizes "feedforward" (suggestions for the future) vs feedback, focusing on the future not the past. ​

  • Changing behavior and perception in parallel, ensuring that a leader’s efforts to improve are visible to stakeholders and to the organization. ​

TC-How it Works

Common Situations for Team Coaching 

  • A new team is being created. 

  • A project team has critical organizational goals and timelines. ​

  • Existing teams are demonstrating moderate to severe dysfunctional behavior. ​

  • Highly interdependent teams are not working well together.

  • A high performing or high potential team wants to get even better.

  • The organization has identified several individuals with similar developmental needs and could benefit from working together as a team.

  • Organization is looking for a more economical, time efficient process to provide coaching to several individuals.

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